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Both shops upload pictures of what's new in store to our buzzing Facebook page,displaying some of the finest quality second hand furniture in the UK!
Now, you can beat the crowds and see what the vans are picking up in REAL-TIME, LIVE FROM THE VAN!

By donating just £1 a week you can help support grass-roots recycling in your community helping to sustain Free Public Collection Services and saving thousands of tonnes of reusable furniture from landfill.

Images of all new collections are pinged through to the Members Telegram Board allowing you the first sneak previews of whats arriving in-store, whilst still in-transit on the van, before it even hits the shop floors or Facebook pages.

Once you see what we see, you will truly be amazed at the quality and turnaround of all our second hand furniture...


Your generous donations and subscriptions help to sustain effective local recycling, providing free public collection services and serving thousands of low-income families in the borough.

Your valuable donations go to  supporting Free Public Collection Services for all Residents

The Free House Clearance scheme recycles unwanted furniture which reduces congestion at local household recycling centres. This eases pressure for Local Authority waste collection services and provides competition to rogue-trader waste companies operating without Waste Carriers Licences and Waste Transfer Notes thereby reducing the criminal act of fly-tipping within the borough. For these reasons many Borough and District Councils frequently recommend the free house clearance service to residents inquiring about council-run waste removal services. 

Currently residents in London, Hertfordshire & Essex have a high mobility rate with many families moving into accommodation for short periods of time from neighbouring and central boroughs due to the UK housing shortage. There is currently a significant amount of regeneration and new housing being built as well as existing property voids and large volumes of rehousing and because of this there is a high need of support for families moving into a new home.

Consequently the service meets a pressing need in the local area to quickly empty void properties for tenants on the housing waiting list and provides an indispensable cheaper alternative to suitably furnish residents from all financial backgrounds, without discrimination.

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Live Photos of all quality guaranteed Furniture straight sent straight to your smart phone

Welcome to our new Membership Area!

So many of our customers love the excitement of our new arrivals at both shops! You just never know what will show up on the GADAB van!

Your membership allows you access to real-time live photos of new stock, as and when its being collected by our drivers, 7 days a week!

By donating just £3.99 per month you can be sure that you will "Never Miss Out" on another great bargain ever again!!! 

For more information about how to become a GADAB member visit our Subscriptions section....

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Your Donations help to sustain valuable services to many disadvantaged residents living in the South East of England. As a "Thank You" we aim to reward your kindness with money off in-store on the plethora of varying antiques, clothes, furniture and collectibles that are recycled daily back into the community.  


Helping Sustain Local Recycling and Free Collection Services for all users

Since operating in 2014 GADAB has diverted over 10,000 tons of reusable items away from landfill and recycled them back into communities in Enfield, furnishing thousands of low income households and disadvantaged families living in the Borough.

The CIC employs local people and creates local entry level jobs and volunteering opportunities. The two high-street shops provide a community hub for local people to have a welcoming and affordable shopping experience, meet other residents and take part in practical workshops focusing on furniture upcycling and repairs. Regardless of the customers financial status all collection services are free for recyclable items that can be re-distributed back into the wider community. Thereby everyone in our community benefits in some way.

GADAB believes furnishing a home with the essentials helps to give every child in Enfield & Hertfordshire a good start to their health and well-being. By having the opportunity to choose their furniture for themselves, families have a sense of ownership of their properties often resulting in a tenant being more inclined to take pride in their home, treat it as a place they want to be, improve community cohesion, and reduce anti-social behaviour.

Give a Dog a Bone UK CIC has fast become a reliable pillar in the community by extending vital in-house services to many vulnerable residents struggling daily with independent living.



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